The Vision Group was established in 1968 & aims to deliver “Quality Eye Care Product and Services” which is in line with the company’s slogan “We Care For Your Vision”.

The Trainee Managers’ Programme (TMP) is offered to those who are interested in this industry to become an “OPTICIAN” as his/her future career as well as to advance together with the company. Under this programme, trainees are to complete the “FOUNDATION” course, which will prepare them for the Diploma level.


The objective of Trainee Managers’ Programme (TMP) is to provide professionals on-the-job practical training and the practical study on Foundation in Optics and Subjective Refraction courses for those interested to become an Optician as his/her career and to advance together with the company’s expansion plan to become Branch Manager or our Vision Partner in the near future.

This training programme emphasizes on:


Vision Professional Centre (VPC)
Provides technical training and organizes professional courses to improve and enhance knowledge and skills in various areas.